Making Class Files From Xsd - Visual Studio / C#

I’ve opened the .xsd (RenoiseSong10.xsd) in Visual Studio 2005… Is there an easy way to make C# classes from the XRNS schema?

Ideally it would make a .cs file for each Element and Simple Type (enumeration) in the xsd.

Otherwise I will have to do it manually… and that tree is large. :o

Alternatively, if someone has broken this down into ‘classes’, OOP style, in another language I could just port it. :)


Well I found a tool called xsd.exe……b0s(VS.80).aspx

It works… sort of… makes a single .cs file. Not really what I wanted, but it allows for data binding.

The downside is that the names get autogenerated so there’s (inner/partial) class names like:


Yes, that’s one word. Kind of a pita. Guess the best bet is to code by hand…

…but probably better (faster?) to write an xsd reader that builds the classes more discretely.

If anyone is making C# tools for Renoise and wants to strike up a convo send me a PM.

Wow, when is the Java stuff ready for the rest of us?

Also, maybe consider splitting this thread. If someone wants to use C# that’s there prerogative. I share the opinion that it’s kind of a bad oversight considering Renoise runs on OS X and Linux, too. Yes I know there’s mono… but seriously people!

If you’re not writing in ASM… GTFO!

I’m on a 2GHz+ wibbler and timing isn’t an issue. I’ll save the asm for 8bit/10MHz. :w00t:

Regarding C# versus Java, I needed a pet project in C#. That no longer being the case… off to Java land.