Making Envelope Curves...


Im sure this was asked before, but i wasn’t able to find it. So i ask: why isn’t there a possibility of drawing 90 degree curves for enveolopes in renoise?

You’d have to be able to have two values on one step to achieve a 90° curve. Which value would you want renoise to use then? I guess it’s a logical problem. Your examples kind of do what you want to do anyway, just the optical representation is misleading.

Or am I totally mistaken on that one?

since instrument envelopes have a tick-based accuracy, the examples you showed are exactly as a 90-degree cruve: from tick x to tick x+1, the value goes from full to zero; a 90-degree curve has actually little sense, as there will always be a transition

oh, i see. That does make sence. Since i come from Ableton Live, the visual representation is the first thing i look at :)

Thanks for the explanation fellows!