Making Graphics In Games '100,000 Times' Better?

Very impressive. But they have a long way to go depending on what you want to achieve.
Collision detection. Dramatic shadows, animated objects etc.
Everything also appears to be in “tiles”, not a big problem but it does not make it better.

Still very impressive, it will be very interesting to see
what happens with this as it has such a huge potential.


Damn, I knew this would come eventually. I’m presuming this takes a lot of pre-calculation to programmatically create low poly models with pixel shaders… so I’m not sure how they’ll factor animation into this, but I’m interested to see.

this kind of technology has been around for a while and being used in professional fields too, so nothing to get excited about. search for voxel graphics, there are even some games around that make use of it in combination with polygons, Minecraft even. the voxel engine Atomontage for example is much more advanced and the dev is also looking for funding.
to be honest, i don’t really like the guys from snotty UNLIMITED detail technology. i understand that they’re trying to get some attention and maybe to pull in some investors but they’re doing it in such a pitiful and highly manipulative way. i even doubt that the videos they show aren’t purposefully prepared and chosen, like playing a game on low graphics settings (with bump/parallax mapping off) and old computers or MMOs that aren’t even meant to have great graphics for a reason. and i can’t even imagine online gaming with such an engine.

if this really was the future of gaming other big companies would have already picked it up, invested in some research, etc.

to end the post on a lighter note here’s Voxatron, an entirely voxel based game that’s soon to come out.


Some programmers and such I have discussed abou that with have said the video is “Bullshit”. I don’t know the specifics, but apparently the ability for that to practical is just a fantasy.

But I’m far from expernt on this subject.

Why did they pick him to narrate it?

You might want check atomontage engine:

Wich looks far more advanced and has real gameplay demo.

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