Making Midi Files Out Of Renoise

I am playing my music live, and the keyboardist I have asked wants me to create midi files of the songs so he can run them through a program that will make it into sheet music. Can I create midi files with Renoise?

For renoise 2.1, there are tools here that will help:

For 2.5, you will have to copy and paste into 2.1 (have both instances open at the same time) and then save as a 2.1 file and use one of the tools linked above.

These and other tools are linked to on this page:


So do I just install it and then it automatically works with Renoise or do I have to connect them somehow?

No, they are separate programs, which you load your xrns in to, then export to MIDI within that program.

Wait a minute—did they remove functionality from 2.5? If so, why?

more a case of the 2.5 file structure being modified to fit new features etc. The tools will need to catch up if they are updated (I don`t believe they have been yet?, may need to be looked in to. )

No the tools to read the Renoise documents might not be updated to read 2.5 version documents yet so they won’t support 2.5.

So how do I do that? I am trying the first one right now and I have no clue what I’m supposed to do with it…

if you are having problems with that one, I would try the nrenoise tools one.

  • unzip the folder
  • install
  • icon xrns to midi appears on desktop
  • run
  • choose your file and destination in the relevant boxes
  • click convert.

Ok. I did all that, and now it seems to work, but I got this error message:

Anyone have a clue?

Just to double check did you do this?
“For 2.5, you will have to copy and paste into 2.1 (have both instances open at the same time) and then save as a 2.1 file and use one of the tools linked above.”

[I realise this method will be a pain in the neck at the moment, but it may act as a temporary solution for you]

If you have already done this, I`m afraid someone else will have to respond to help.

I do not have 2.5 yet. I have 2.0 atm. (and that’s not the issue, since I’ve had it work with another file.) Would getting 2.1 help?

Possibly? May be worth a shot.

SRSLY- all those nifty features in renoise now and still external rns2midi-tools… There’s something to do ;)

i simply open cakewalk (a really stone old vesion g), and record simply the midi-out from renoise with a virtual midicable.

its the best und fastest solution.

Best way since Renoise 2.1 to get MIDI into another DAW is, IMO, to use ReWire and/or a virtual midi cable (e.g. LoopBE1).

i tried xrni2midi script and it worked not bad, except the result bpm was 45 instead of 90 and all pitches are one octave to low, but this was very fast fixed in a midi-editor programm.

That is because there does not seem to be a real standard at which frequency the C-4 supposed to start. Though in general Renoise deviates one octave compared to most.
For some applications Renoise even deviates 2 octaves.
I have no real idea what is the deeper background of this. Perhaps in the older tracker-days, the 8-bit calculation scale limited the octave range somewhat to assign the C-4 to the official frequency (leading to an unbalanced note-assignment range of octaves around this base-key) but that is the only sense i can come up with.