Making Mute/solo Assignable To Keys And Midi?

Is there a way making mute and solo assignable to a keyboard or from a midi device? How would you do it?

I can see that it would be amazingly helpful for playing out live

fuck this lot :drummer: :drummer: :guitar: :guitar:

all you need is renoise B) :walkman: to make people go :w00t: :dribble:

Renoise doesn’t have the functionality built in, but I bet you could hack something together using AutoHotKey…

Currently this is not yet possible.
The MIDI engine is on the list for improvement and expansion though.
Each new release the past few releases had some improvements on the MIDI area, so stick with us and find out.

P.S. this will work. I will try to hack something together and show people how it works soon……c=22372&hl=

hey mate, seeeeerious kudos for figuring this out!

as you can tell this is quite hi tech for me…(posting in the beginners questions seems fairly explanatory)

has this fella done the same?

if not hows he managed to do it?

p.s i’m not trying to ignore your statement fullofkittens, just one for the future ever so slightly…

There seems to be a bit of confusion here as these shortcuts exist in renoise already.

The defaults are the Ctrl Key + Numpad numbers in windows.

I`m unsure if the OP meant MIDI keyboard when asking, or qwerty keyboard, but qwerty is definately supported…

anyhow props on the scripting skills to Fullofkittens!

Haha, whoops!

Well, I guess if you want to click on something else, you can use the same technique.

Is it possible to have multiple channels of MIDI data coming into Renoise, and have them control different instruments?