Making .PGM in Renoise for Akai Mpc-1000

Is it possible to use Renoise to make a .pgm for Akai mpc-1000?
I have JJOS2XL and there is still not way to get around this Chromatic feature inside MPC-1000 with JJOS, which is a bit frustrating. Because normally you just upload a sample to your sampler and then you can play the sample over keys :confused:


Do you have any binary format description for .pgm files?
I have googled it up, but it looks like a closed proprietary formatā€¦

From what I understand JJOS program files and different and incompatible with Akai program files. Furthermore JJOS1, JJOS2 and JJOS2XL are all different too (I hadnā€™t even heard of JJOS3 until just having a quick look at the site now.) Or at least that is how I thought I remembered it, the only mention I could actually find said there are incompatibilities if you loads a Sequence from JJOS2XL and a Program from AkaiOSā€¦

You know about JJ-Sequencer? Seems it was discontinued shortly after being released but might make more sense if you want to move between MPC and computerā€¦

Only seems some people have had some success with this: in combination with this: to sort out the non-destructive chops available in JJOS2XL.

This appears to be the standard AkaiOS .pgm format: