Making Renoise A Live Sequencer:

Renoise already have a lot of really good features for live sequencing - so don’t say I should use Ableton Live.

Making a button for turning off scrolling in the pattern sequencer would solve a lot of hassle. Probably an easy implementation too (or not?).

  1. Then you could edit a pattern other than the one that’s currently playing.

  2. You could use (edit: keyboard shortcuts) “Play Song”, “Play Pattern”, and those ones +“Without Restarting” to start from a different song position using the keyboard.

  3. It would be easier to make selections and loops when it isn’t moving. Would also be nice if this could be done without the mouse.

This “small” change would make Renoise a really good live sequencer actually. :wub:

Some bonus wishes would make it excellent:

  1. Loop presets.

  2. Assigning song positions to buttons or key combinations, for quickly jumping to different key positions in the song.

  3. Being able to easily set the amount of rows Page Up and Page Down jumps, like Editstep.

  4. Push/Pull Selection, Track or pattern, with wrap.

More sequencer control would be great. I’ve found a useful way of changing patterns though- simply insert a pattern that preceeds all other patterns in the sequencer, set pattern loop to on (in the transport section) and increment/decrement the pattern number using the keyboard. It’s not the best solution (pattern changes are instantaneous), but it can work for simple stuff, and sounds ok if you time it right.

If you have an ASIO soundcard with multiple outputs you can route each track to any of the available outputs, so you already can do this using just the one soundcard and ASIO support.

Note that ASIO support is only availble on the registered version though…

Don’t you think you will notice the latency differences?

before this turned into a mentalbation discussion on interesting ways to redirect monitoring output from one pattern while playing another out through your main soundcard…

i really think the first idea by dby is good, essential and would be the first step in abandoning one of my least favourite aspects of renoise’s ui-paradigm…

as to the asio multiple sound stuff… umm… wank wank wank tug tug tug

one doesn’t need to worry about latency when programming in a tracker!!!