Making Sub Drops

Hi there.

Is it possible to create a sub drop sound effect using Renoise? And if possible, can it be made so that the sound stretches out across roughly 4 seconds?


Yes it is.

Yes, all time ranges including 4 seconds, 3.5 seconds and even 6 seconds are possible.

Try use a sampled sine wave and use the 0DXX command.

What should I do in regards to the 0DXX command? What should I set the values at and how often?

If you provided a link to the kind of sub drop you’re talking about, it would be much easier for us to give you advice.

Link to a soundcloud song, or a youtube video, or something else like that. Also give the exact time in MM:SS where the drop occurs.

Here’s a quick 2.8 demo song which I think demonstrates the kind of sound you’re looking for?
3170 subdrop.xrns

Once again, if this is not quite right, then you should provide some examples for us to work with.

I’ll see if I can find something matching. At 4:18.

I think I jumped the gun with the link, this is absolutely perfect.

this is horrible. the lyrics sound like somebody choosing and describing hell.