Making Sure I Still Push Renoise

Even at my club The Fourth Dimension in Second Life :)

And a Stanton turntable.

Get much business at the club?

dont have time to waste it in second life :) i have my “first life” busy enough :)

cool nevertheless

Nice one, a 3D shooter with decent music software. Where’s the bar?

It’s Second Life… the moment you spread the name of a location the furries will come pouring in and start yiffing all over the place in their virtual fursuits, slinging their two ton pierced virtual genitalia and udders at decent people everywhere while soliciting virtual furry-sex in general chat. Unless the bar is called “All furries must die!” I’d suggest the name be kept in strict confidence. Second Life is one step away from being the next Furcadia… if it isn’t there already.

When I have events, yes. I do pretty good. :) I sneak in my own music quite a bit as well as being a “regular” DJ, except, to toot my own horn, I generally sound like a professional FM radio DJ because that’s just the way I usually sound when I talk, and I’m actually using a professional phantom-powered mic with a pop filter instead of sounding like THE STEREOTYPE of someone who works at a gaming store with a 9 dollar “computer mic”.


On the far wall that’s on the right in the picture.


There are some furries that come in, but most of the “yiffy” places are at clubs that are geared towards furries. I don’t mind the furries at all, however. The griefers are the issue. Furries usually just want to appear as anthropomorphic animals and are usually like everyone else, just trying to have a good time.

Great username you have BTW. LOL–if I was to go for a config file name, it’d have to be weapons.dat, from GTA SA and GTA3.

Weird Energy:

If I got out more–if I lived in a big city besides living close to Seattle (which the music scene sucks now), I probably wouldn’t be doing the Second Life thing much, but I don’t get out much. If I drive to Seattle, I have a choice of clubs that are GQ stand and model with cliche’ dance music and “talk to the hand”, blues standards usually played terribly and people so drunk there’s no point in having a conversation, or cookiemonster and/or screaming vocals metal with people who will call you a “faggot” if you admit to listening to to anything other than metal (just another BIG part of why I am sick of the whole metal scene–there’s too much mindset revolving around trying to prove how much testosterone one has). Not my cup of tea, so my spare time I spend time in virtual worlds instead where I can at least have SOME sort of social life.

I guess I’ve missed some sort of terrorist attack, or perhaps I haven’t done
my homework… but what the hell is a furry?

People who like to dress in anthropomorphic animal outfits.

… and then log in to second life…?
man, I feel old fashioned with my pirate outfit

No, on SL, most of the time they log in and make their avatar an animal. I suppose there are some that do both, but I don’t imagine it’s the norm.…=4&ct=title

If anyone has designed a Renoise team outfit, be sure to sent a copy to Vocor Thespian ;)

Interesting thought :)

Makes me go hmmmm… :)

Totally agree with that. Metal was already a testosterone challenge in 80’s (i guess trash-metal was born on this idea). But in last decade it’s music style tended to become simpler and simpler (with a consequent “adieu” to faith-no-more holy lessons) while the vocals became either too honey-melodic-whining or too scream-fart-burping. Both ways lead to monotony and - damn! - it fills concert halls of no-3rd-chord walls during the winter!!! :D

About Second Life… I once tried to visit that place, I fled after two days of trial thinking they were all mad living in such a virtual place talkin to virtual ppl and making virtual things. But after a few days I left SL, i found myself totally tied and addicted to a virtual place full of virtual pirates making virtual pillages and drinking virtual rum all toghether… xD c’est la vie…

When it’s fun… =)

My club is still going, but it has been redesigned.


And I still have Renoise on the screen :)

I was into Second Life a long time ago and was one of the (many) early beta testers - Look for “Deeblue Zeeman” here:

I was involved with a few teams building content and stuff like that, and some of my buildings/creations used to be featured on the old SL website. I’m not sure if any of it still exists in the world now, probably not, but it would be interesting to check things out again after all these years :)

Cool. :)

Unfortunately, when I searched for you name in-world, it didn’t show up…

I wonder how many people are still in SL now that all the media attention (at least in Italy) moved to Facebook?

Personally, I have tried SL for about 30 minutes when it wasn’t so popular as it become, but got bored to death and never logged in again. After some months, the media “discovered” the existence of Second Life and it looked like everything had to have a clone in Second Life to be cool, now noone seem to even remember how much time he wasted on it.

Of course, the same will be for Facebook once the next big thing will come out.

Well, in actuality, Second Life in many ways is like playing with dolls.

It’s also about content creation, making things that you can either share with others or even sell for money.

For me, it’s about finding people to chat with and hang out with in a virtual environment. I also enjoy DJing in Second Life, it’s fun to share the music I enjoy with others.

Some places in Second Life are like an RPG.

It’s also the only virtual environment I know of that doesn’t put limits on the way that you can experience content. You know how in many 3D games, you can hit the tilde key and type a command in and now you can fly, or change the lens aperture, or look at the environment at any time of day, etc… well, in Second Life, you have pulldown menus to do all of those things. You can control every aspect to the camera and go through walls and such.

It’s also a HUGE world, I might even venture to say that it could be about the size of north America.

But if you’re expecting a “game”, you’ll be gravely disappointed, it’s SO open-ended that many don’t know what to do once they’re in-world and end up giving up on it very quickly.

I don’t imagine it will ever make huge strides in mainstream media.

That is the thing i like about Second Life as well.
If you really want to see something nice whenever one logs on Second life again, simply teleport yourself to the Primtings museum and have a look around on all floors.
There is some nice self-made art but as well as you can find 3D regeneration of several surreal works of artists…


Second Life is full of these kind of surprizes so there should be one thing that one could really like about it before being too determined what Second Life is all about… because frankly the limit stops at the weirdest freak’s imagination who puts up things there.

It beats MSN for sure to me.

My account still seems to exist in the system. When I went through the password recovery process it did not complain about my name being invalid, and the reminder email was sent out OK according to the site. Trouble is, I don’t actually have access to the email address I used back then, so it looks like I’ll have to call up the SL offices and talk with someone. My current laptop isn’t even capable of running the SL client, so this is all a bit moot for now, but it would be kinda cool to log back in at some point and see how things have changed.