Making the "loop pattern" marker follow the current pattern?

Hey there.

Pretty much everything is in the title. I mapped my patterns to the pads of my beatstep so I can switch from one pattern to another easily. But right now, I still need to move the “loop pattern” marker manually, making it kinda pointless.

Is there a trick to move the loop pattern marker with the queued pattern?

I think I found a trick to do just that: if double the length of my patterns, toggle the pattern editor block loop and set it to 1/2, playback will loop until I switch to a different pattern.

That’s exactly the behaviour I need - but I’m wondering if there is a more straightforward way to do it …

Was fairly simple to make a script for this:

Tool Thread

Enabled via a toggle menu in the sequencer. May need a little testing, but it seems a good idea while using it to keep your sequence patterns all unique. (shouldn’t be an issue with 1.1)




-changed the notifiers so that it will work when repeated patterns are in the sequencer.


ok that’s really cool, thanks a lot!

No probs, it should work in all cases in the sequencer now, let me know if any probs or issues though.

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