Making the selected VST stick to the end of FX chain ?

Please advice.

Is there a way to make one selected VST sticky to the end of FX chain, like the native #Send and #Multiband Send behaves ?

I’m using the Airwindows Console4 plugs, so the Console4Channel plugin should always stay at the end of FX chain to work with Console4Buss at the master buss properly.

And every time i adding new FX to the chain, i have to move them before theConsole4Channel, it’s annoying and i forgot to do it sometimes, that causing wrong processing (

I though i can modify some renoise config files, or change something internally, so the renoise will think thatConsole4Channel plug is like a #Send plug, but with no luck yet.

Thanks in advance, guys!

Did you know you can click and drag items from the effect list? That could be a work-around.

I’d prefer double-clicking em in the list, it’s faster)

But yeah, thanks for the head’s up! It’s soobvious that i’ve totally forget about.