Making Tracks In 1.8 Beta


I registered Renoise a few days ago. I’m just wondering if the songs I make in the current 1.8 beta will be safe when the beta expires and I download the next 1.8 beta update? i.e. When downloading the next beta will all the songs/themes etc… be overwritten and lost or does it work in the same way as updating a stable release?

Or should I just continue using 1.5 for making full tracks and only mess around with 1.8 until the stable release?

I apologise if I’m ignorant about this, but I just want to make sure.

As bantai said: You will be able to load songs made in 1.8 beta versions also in the final version. The only bad thing that could maybe happen is that small effect or player changes will result in slightly different playback, but we will also try to avoid this if somehow possible…

That’s good to know. Thanks for your quick replies :)

Have recognized some changes in my songs written in 1.5 version on the beta version tho; Some patterns that rely heavily on effects to produce the unique sound/melody is played somewhat different in r1.8b compared to r1.5

And perhaps you renoise-lords can tell me why xm/mod always get the wrong bpm when loaded in renoise? (Same happened back in skale when i tried to load xm tunes). Everytime i load an xm the bpm is off by 2-4 points.

In 1.8 this can be as error quantization has been changed.
Renoise is now being made BPM accurate for the sake of better VST plugin synchronsation. But this is ofcourse at the expense of old import formats compatability.
Also the Cut effect behaviour in the panning column has been changed to make samples stop playing instead of just cutting the volume (CPU resource savings). For staccato effects you should now use the volume effect of the effect column.

aha, thanks man.