Making Tunes On The Bus...

PSPSeq, if you haven’t heard of it, is a homebrew soft for making tunes on the PSP and features several realtime synths and effects, along with a sampler and BUZZ-like complexity when it comes to per-note-editing.

Anyway, I’m a beta tester on it, so not only do I get to find bugs, but I also get to write one of the demo tunes for the new version when it drops on the public. (unfnished at the moment but a good 2 minutes so far)

All sounds in the mp3 are realtime synths except for the drum loop. No post processing was applied. Enjoy some house.

Also, if you don’t have a PSP that can play homebrew apps, I highly recommend you do because this damn program is not only highly addictive, but damn fun and suprisingly powerful.

Plus, you get to have ‘cool’ points when you tell someone, “Yeah, I wrote this song while taking a dump”.

So good! Though it’s simple yet, be sure to post here the finished track.
Got some screenshots from this psp tracker?

It seems that PSPSeq has good capabilities, I like too see it on PSP. This tune is very Amiga-ish, enjoyed the synths.

Very cool ditty you’ve got here. I like it, although I am still waiting for milky for psp before I mess with music writing on mine.

Or … Weirdness points :huh:

Also hemorrhoid points.

Or an ‘it shows’ answer :D

This is pretty much what it looks like. 3.00 has custom color settings you make (i.e. theme).

Each of those green boxes is a 32nd note. Blue means there’s a hard trigger on it, pink means there’s a soft trigger (i.e. only parameters are changed in that step, but the previous note, if any, continues). There’s also ReNoise-like value interpolation between steps and value randomization between steps. Other useful stuff is copy/paste step/track/loop/part-of-track, step-shift (ala hitting insert/backspace in ReNoise), menu shortcuts using controller combos, etc.

I played with psp seq a bit. Its definitely the most powerful handheld program I’ve used for making music, and probably the most time consuming as well. btw the song rocked.

Trust me, the new editing features of v3.00 are a god send…

Some of the time saving additions include: Preset loading/saving (64 presets per patch, unlimited patches, as long as you have memory card space), shortcuts to the synth menus (L+R+Tri takes you right there), copy/paste within a single track (that’s how the arppagio was made), latch mode for editing specific steps in a track at once…

Other new features include pitchbend for all generators (ethan dropped the ‘special’ instruments like 8kick and nhh since you can make them yourself and patches will be supplied to imitate those sounds on release), FM feedback for both FM synths, randomize parameters (if you’re into experimental music or just want some noise, this is an AWESOME feature), increased sample memory (from 1MB to 7MB), synth speed increase (most synths got around a 1-5% speed increase), ability to name loops for keeping track of them easier, etc.

This is definitely an update aimed at the music makers. I definitely recommend you trying it out when it is released. Again, this track I made would have taken FOREVER on 2.11…I’d estimate around 5-7 hours. And I knocked it out pretty damn fast.

Latest WIP of a new song demo. This one is nearly pure FM synths all the way except for one sample. This should give you an idea of it’s power. Also, At no point have I maxed out the CPU or tracks. :) And yes, the only sample is a drum loop which is quite obvious in the tune.

Hope you like…this style is NOT house. :) Yes, “NOT HOUSE” tm 2008 HS. :P

Finished it. It’s a bit schizo, but then again, I like it like that.

Lessons in FM manipulation inspired by Cylob, Utabi and Motohiro Kawashima.

speaking of homebrew - i recently got hold of nitrotracker for the ds so i can make jungle beats on teh go - if you’ve got a ds then it’s well worth it as it is now dswifi enabled so you can control synths etc on yr pc via wifi!!

also coming soon for the ds is the korg ms 10 synth…


  • Dual dual synths: Two patchable virtual synths, with two oscillators each
  • Drum machine: Four-part drum machines loaded with samples of the virtual synth
  • Sequencer: 2 synth tracks, 4 drum machine tracks, 16 steps
  • Effects: Delay, chorus, flanger
  • Input methods: Touch-control screen with real-time sound control, a keyboard screen, and matrix screen

More than just a piece of software, KORG DS-10 lets you control a “four part drum module, two analog synth simulators, and 6-track/16-step sequencer” with your Nintendo DS’s touchscreen.

a vid of in action -…0-for-game-boy/

-sort of a hardware soft-synth?? looks ace tho

There’s already a thread for these programs. :)

PSPRhythm8 came out this weekend and it stopped sucking so bad (it is still very limited in my eyes, but at least the GUI isn’t a piece of crap anymore…it’s actually usable for me now)…so I threw this together.

ReNoise was used for making/editing the samples.

haha,man, screw getting a laptop for music,il get a psp :D

haha,man, screw getting a laptop for music,il get a psp :D

eh,thought id post that twice,in case you missed it the first time :P

I feel obliged to mention the piggy even though you all already know it. :)