Making Your Own Samples

I found a topic about making gabber samples, how do you generally make samples on your own? For example kicks or snares(that sound like real ones…)? Like what do you have to load up and what effects do you need to apply?
I literally have no idea how to do it… But I always tought/knew it was possible though.

if you mean making the samples from scratch, you can use the Wave Form Generator Tool in Renoise 2.6 to create a square, saw, sine or whatever wave. if i’m not mistaken (not an expert here), most kick-samples are made from sine or square waves, using a fast attack (sometimes with a pitch-rise) and a long-ish release for the boom-tail. probably the most famous examples are the 808/909 kicks, and you might want to look up the architecture for those through Google to find out the details. snare-samples are usually done by using noise and sculpting it to sound like a snare. i do not know the details as to how to do it, but i know there are a couple of tutorials on youtube, i think done in Ableton Live often, but they will nonetheless show how to do this.

if you do not need to make them from scratch, you would just use kick and snare samples of course. there are lots of free samples on the internet. try sites like the freesound project and sampleswap. for gabber you might try (as mentioned above) the 808/909 kicks.

for fx, you generally add a bit of reverb to make it boom, toy with a compressor to make the kicks stand out more (again, no expert here, i try this but do not feel like i am in control of what i am doing very much, so you might have to experiment as well). also, apply EQ-ing and filtering on your samples to give them their own place in the mix - i.e. trim the sound down to the essentials and do away with ‘debris’ frequencies that may be better used for other sounds. with gabber, your kicks will be distorted (oh yeah, so use a distortion-effect or a lofi-mat to do some bit-crushing) and fat, occupying the low frequencies. if you also use snares that have a lot of low frequencies present, this will result in an abundance of low frequencies, often resulting in a muddy sound. you try to avoid this through EQ and filtering.

search the forums, i think recently there was a thread about fat gabber-kicks and the like with lots of the above advice, and more. probably the ‘tips and tricks’ section.

if you are really new to all of this, just be patient, practice, experiment and read a lot about this sort of thing, even if you do not fully understand what you are reading. once you read stuff more often you will start to understand other stuff you read by experience eventually.

good luck!

These might come in handy, detailed break down on all sorts of percussion in here.

some of it’s a bit techy and could be hard to do in renoise but it’s blinking interesting.

Thanks for this link, it really looks interesting!

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