Makunouchi Bento Feat Lemmy C. - Papiota Shift Dub

another small ambient dub excursion done for Lemmy Caution’s project.

Makunouchi Bento feat Lemmy Caution - Papiota Shift Dub

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Interesting tune. Deep sounds.

} :blink:{

This song needs more attention. A lot more. That vibe is really beyond great.

Was this all done in Renoise or did you use some VSTs or other programs too? The sound quality is through the roof, I’m just curious if a tracker is entirely capable of making something like this. Again, bravo.

For what I know, the sound quality in Renoise is very good. The vsts inside Renoise sound the way they suppose to. Im pretty sure that if for example Richard D. James makes a track with this nice program, the track will sound awesome. Your knowledge about sound, technic, and ear is what matters.