Malware Trojan Virus in the license


This morning while booting up Renoise my Internet Security detected and disinfected a virus or trojan in my Renoise license. Now I can’t use it!



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What security program are you using, license nuker 2.0?

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I am using Bitdefender it’s one of the best interrnet security

However, it’s the first time it discovered this.

But I have the choice to restore it

So does anybody know what this is? Is it part of the license?

This thing has a name so who wrote it?

Like I mentioned before is this part of Renoise?

There are so many fuckin scams out there today its hard to keep your head on tight

so you are telling me I nothing to worry about and I can restore my license?

Of course I paid can’t get this host without paying

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I am good until 4.2 version

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false negative.

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You mean positive :joy:


Just buy a mac, no viruses.

I contacted Bitdefender this week and they sorted it for me and the redux and Renoise licence. Contact your AV provider

The issue I had earlier this week was for gen:Variant.Lazy.504891 and indeed BD now flags the file up as having Gen:Variant.Tedy.566147. I have reopened my ticket with them

@Oakum I have confirmation back from Bitdefender that the file is safe and reported so in the next virus definition update. I have done a forced update all seems ok. Have you tried Renoise recently. I do hope it’s not per machine basis.

This is why I don’t use antivirus. It’s like quiet mode while I’m trying to make music and let the viruses fester