Managing samples couldn't be easier

This is new to me. I hope someone else here finds it as useful as I have.
[ › Software › Sample Manager

There is also:

And dont forget Sononym:

I personally love Sononym, because it “auto” tags your sounds and you can do similarity searches.


Always did it old school …endless searching through years of collections. I’m definitely gonna give these other programs a try …thanks

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That looks quite handy. I’m amazed I never stumbled upon this before. Looked for a free option for ages, never seemed to find one. Thanks for the link!

Also, as for paid options, I have to say, Sononym is pretty awesome. Its cheaper than some that I have found, but much easier to work with, IMO. As soon as I can afford it, I’m buying a license. (free evaluation is all used up)

Anything beats browsing folders manually. I’ve got by for years, but I’m approaching 3 terabytes of mostly unorganized samples . It’s time to organize and weed out the crap. A digital hoarder is what I’ve become!! Would be interested in a vst manager also. I think I have every free vst ever made…it doesn’t make me a better producer or anything. I just like the cool factor in it all. There are plenty of gems to be had .Thanks for the feedback

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