Managing samples couldn't be easier

(Circuitwaste) #1

This is new to me. I hope someone else here finds it as useful as I have.
[ › Software › Sample Manager

(toimp) #2

There is also:

And dont forget Sononym:

I personally love Sononym, because it “auto” tags your sounds and you can do similarity searches.

(Circuitwaste) #3

Always did it old school …endless searching through years of collections. I’m definitely gonna give these other programs a try …thanks

(Jesse Schilling) #4

That looks quite handy. I’m amazed I never stumbled upon this before. Looked for a free option for ages, never seemed to find one. Thanks for the link!

Also, as for paid options, I have to say, Sononym is pretty awesome. Its cheaper than some that I have found, but much easier to work with, IMO. As soon as I can afford it, I’m buying a license. (free evaluation is all used up)

(Circuitwaste) #5

Anything beats browsing folders manually. I’ve got by for years, but I’m approaching 3 terabytes of mostly unorganized samples . It’s time to organize and weed out the crap. A digital hoarder is what I’ve become!! Would be interested in a vst manager also. I think I have every free vst ever made…it doesn’t make me a better producer or anything. I just like the cool factor in it all. There are plenty of gems to be had .Thanks for the feedback