Mandulin - Seerose

i’m a little disappointed by this one. it needs more interesting layers and not so many drony sounds, maybe some changes to the percussions from time to time, the “main theme” is rather boring/annoying, too. but at least i could experiment a little bit with sound and work on my mixing.

like your stuff.
i would recommend some sudden/abrupt breaks, where the high freqs get fade out with verb and delay tricks.
and maybe drops with a rel. fast raising tone (beginning at sub- level).
and/or a few high perc-style bubbles (fast pitch env on [maybe bits from the drone]). i got a bit more ol’skool dubish fx in mind.
but im sure you will find your way and furthermore starting a new track. :P

EDIT: thanks for sharing.

interesting suggestions. i’ll try them out on a new song, no need to waste them here. :)
thank you for listening.