Mankind - New Song (Heavy)

Possibly my last song of 2022, time for a month or so off…maybe. Unless inspiration strikes

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The mix is too concentrated on the mid

The EQ on the voice need more “air”

My humble advice

All advice welcome :slight_smile: I’m not great at mixing haha

You will stop to learn at your death🙂

Learn as if you’d live forever, live as if you’d die tomorrow.


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I think the vox is too forward in the mix and the guitar/bass/rhythm section needs a little more oomph/low frequency bump

are you sidechaining the mix to the vox? If so, it sounds like you could ease off on the compression a touch

nice work, though, and respect for playing instruments and singing! :metal:

Ohh but there’s not a single real instrument in there at all, it’s all VSTi’s…though it is my voice :smiley:

Guitar sounds great, and dig the chorus/chant effect on the vocals.