Mantrakid - Palmflowerblack

Mantrakid - Palmflowerblack

After 12 years of growth and experimentation, Mantrakid releases what he calls his “Proper” debut album. Flexing every production muscle in his body (produced ENTIRELY in Renoise), Mantrakid lays down the groundwork for an entire albums worth of mind bendingly intricate beats influenced by years of experiencing music. His acute and frantic rapstyles have been refined and backed by his own style of gritty melody, with the perfect sprinkling of guest appearances by Ricca Razor Sharp, Miranda Lee, King Lou, Soleo, EquAzn and DJ Nato.

Check it out at…ppedDignity.mp3

Just wanted to mention that any feedback is much appreciated. :) :dribble:

Very impressive, addictive and groovy, great vocals, I love the style!
It sounds like a personal take on hiphop with funk and popmusic
influences. Top notch material captain, I salute you!

By the way, is there a track 1 or is this ep supposed to start at track 2?

I’m no fantastic music critique (especially in the english language) but I enjoyed “I’m My Own Opponent” and “Genesis”. :)

much thanks for the feedback! Yeah the real album actually has 18 tracks to it, I just didnt put the track 1 intro up because it’s pretty epic and a pretty integral part of the album as a whole, so i’d rather it not be floating around in space all by itself. :)