Hey guys, I just wanted to introduce myself and say a YO while letting you know that I have put up some of my IDM/Techno/Hiphop tracks up in the “Songs” section of the site. You can find them in the “Alternative Hiphop” category.

If you’re lazy (like me), Click Here.

I also wanted to thank those guys who made Renoise because holy shit. You’ve made my life complete. I have a new album coming up at the end of this year and I have to say if it wasn’t for Renoise, I doubt it would sound as incredible as it does. Check out any of my other work at

Hope you like it.

Love Mantrakid :w00t:

Welcome, me likes your music. :)

thanks homie! You can check out the whole album ‘neutralmonism’ as well as some samples from my upcoming album by going to

it’s all available on

lovenate :w00t:

listening to felt tip dignity. pretty interesting stuff. never really heard anything like it before.

that flatters me more than anything else you might have said. :) thanks man. I appreciate that…

wanted to thank peeps for leaving ratings/feedback… does 70% mean something doesnt suck. :lol:

thanks for checkin my stuff.

renoise makes my pants moist in the crotchular region.

Wanted to point out… there’s a page 2 of my stuff… no one seems to have checked out any of the other stuff… only page 1…

Click here for page 2.

mantrakid. :w00t: