Manual Beat Matching For 4/4

I figured out a somewhat easy way of beat matching the other day, but I can’t really explain it so well.

-load 2 digital/electronic made tracks, cut off anything before the first beat it will interfere with getting your bpms.

-pick which track will have the true pitch and bpm

-turn on autoseek for both songs.

-make another pattern,

finding the bpm if you don’t know it yet, means going into the 2nd pattern and turning on block loop set to 1/16 starting at the first row.
make sure your LPB is similar to the first bar of the track
-now adjust the bpm -/+ until you find the first hit of the 2nd bar.

-now clone a bunch of patterns off of that 2nd pattern and go pretty far into the patterns to make sure it’s still on beat.
if it’s not you will need to add and surf through decimal places. eventually it will be spot, on point.

with the 2nd track you will need to go back into the 2nd pattern or any pattern that isn’t the begining of the 1st pattern.
(halfway through the 1st pattern works too, but it could get confusing.)

with the block loop still on or back on,
-go into the instrument settings of the 2nd track you have,
-and alter the finetune -/+ until it matches.
(if it starts late go minus, if it starts early go plus)
-go through the other patterns making sure it’s lined up properly, once that’s good, everything should match.

I don’t know so much about key matching but you would use this similar methodology with the inclusion of of a key finding vst like Gtune or your ears, and change everything in very small increments.

thhat’s stone age old trick , ther are lots off diffierent ways .
I usually just load a loop and adjust the bpm until loops seamlesly , trust my ears

whole tunes.

not just fucking off with loops and breaks.

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Ah, I know another one , tap your feet to the beat , divide the number of beats by the time of the loop and multiply by 60 et voila , there you have a stone age trick to determine your bpm , but it might be a bit too difficult for you

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anyway, I don’t understand why you said it was stone age man.
the instruction was completely renoise specific.
utilizing auto-seek as a method of beat matching, which I had not seen anyone write about here yet.

what you described was/is rudimentary, dates back to magnetic tape.
While I don’t have any issue with tape splicing, the way in which you posted was dickish and on 2nd post still offers nothing by way of a newer methodology.
you didn’t even try to expand on key matching, which would have been great.

All shit talk aside, your 2 replies were weak, you didn’t try to expand on anything except state the obvious, and ended up pissing me off in the process. I issued a method I learned, and you just kind of slagged it with something anyone who works with samples already knows.

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Ever hear of a click track? Metronome? Duh.

Anyway, in light of the absence of a renoise wiki, it seems to me that any information posted in tips is potentially useful to somebody. It’s too bad gentle’s comment came off a bit belittling, i’m not sure he meant it that way, but, you know… just because someone mentions something cool that most intermediate and advanced trackers have already (or could have) figured out doesn’t mean there are not a thousand other people out there who aren’t sure where to start.

You’re right that autoseek makes this process much less annoying when working with very long samples. In the stone ages you had to keep starting the song over again. For entire songs, this made trackers close to unfeasible for the task for all but the most stubborn users. But you can do it in renoise without pulling your hair out!

On another point, if you’re not thomas paine or something, arguing tends to look rather retarded in writing.

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