Manual Lfo Reset/Starting Point

I am praying this is not a duplicate, I am new. I have used renoise however for a while.

I make dubstep. So I rely on LFOs lol. Admittedly when rendering it’s not so bad, I can just wait for the desired place for my LFO to begin and hey presto: I’ll click start. My problems arise when I have multiple tracks that have LFOs that I want to start at different, or the same place, and having to work with if you like equations within the automation to ensure that the next pattern begins at the same point. I am suggesting that the place on the LFO(the white bars that go up and down) be automated to a number of perhaps a percentage, so that 100% is the peak and 0% is the bottom, this would mean a cleaner rendering for me and many other users I assume. Also while not in the automation (a mere luxury if you will) for the user to be able to click on a place on the LFO and for it to be set to that point (hypothetically, if a person automated at 6000000000** (However the long that number is) the bar would remain static, but in clicking it they could manually change the starting place of the LFO, for the performer perhaps not so keen on automations.)

Sorry that was so long. To sum up.

Automatable LFO starting point.
Possible clickable reset

(Wasn’t that so much easier?)

Syncing LFOs

The “Reset” button can be triggered with the pattern effect command: x7yy, where x stands for the position of the LFO device in the DSP chain (if it’s the first device: 1, if the second: 2 etc.) and yy is the offset value:

  • 00 restarts the LFO from the beginning. - 40 restarts the LFO from a quarter of the way through of the cycle. - 80 restarts the LFO from halfway through the cycle. - C0 restarts the LFO from three quarters of the way through the cycle.

LMAO That is hilarious! I’ve read a lot of the manual… I didn’t see this. That’s amazing. Genunely solved all my troubles :) You genius! I don’t quite know how to thank you. I feel very stupid lol. Thanks again. Well done! lol

Just post your kudos in this forum when you are done with producing something in Renoise:

Yeah happily :) But… Can you delete this thread? it is kind of pointless now lol

For you maybe, but not for all the other upcoming newb dudes who also won’t inspect the manual too thoroughly

Or not so new dudes who also haven’t inspected the manual too thouroughly!!!

I knew about reset, however, as I still struggle with hex, never quite put together in my mind that I could reset the lfo from other points in the cycle!! Bookmarking this thread!! :yeah:

I still think it needs a switch to the begin from the other side. “<-------------------”
Could call the switch “Eastern”.

I don’t understand that… I’ll be honest. Explain lol?

Well there you go… I helped someone out. I’ve posted a few threads where the answer has literally just been ‘Look at manual’ I have it bookmarked and I look at it all the time… Somehow I miss simple things haha

I didn’t want to start a new thread… I hope it’s okay that I ask this

Volume Column

  • 00 - 7F - Set note volume (velocity) of current note column.

I really don’t get this… I know it’s hexadecimal… but I have no idea how this works. I want to find quarter and half volume and three quarter volume…

If its any consolation I have used the guide a lot since you answered me in this thread. Great help

0 - off
20 - quarter
40 - half
60 - three quarters
80 - full (although technically it’s 7f Renoise will treat an 80 as 7f.)

Legend :) Thanks :)