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So, anybody knows ?

VSTi’s don’t have any delay.
You could of course argue that a VSTi with some very slow attack introduces latency ;)

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Well, I’ve bought a VSTi, Phoscyon, a Roland tb303 emulation, and in some cases there is a delay of about one pattern line.

But maybe this case is special because there are two main ways of composing with this synth : first, you can use the internal pattern editor (in Phoscyon), and second, you can also write your notes directly into the Renoise’s pattern.

I personaly prefer this second way of working because I find it more accurate and easy to use. However, in this mode, there is this delay (one pattern line), and for now, the only thing I can do is to write all my notes coming from other instruments one pattern line under the line in which i’ve wrote my Phoscyon’s note (outch, I hope you’ll understand that :wacko:).

A little explanation with this wonderfull plan (this is what i have to do if i want the bass drum playing at the same time as the acid notes…) :

Bass Drum | Acid line from Phoscyon
…—… E4…

So, I thought that all VSTi’s had such a delay (because for now it’s the only one I use). But maybe someone still have a better solution to fix this one pattern line delay ?


i cannot confirm your experience with phoscyon concerning delayed audio. i used it in several tunes and had no problems whatsoever.
besides that, it would also surprise me if the delay would be accidentally exactly one bar behind the rest of your audio, as latencies usually don’t really care about “being in sync” as one bar behind, would still somewhat be synced to your project tempo.

i am currently not at home and therefore cannot investigate further into this matter, but i’ll do this as soon as i’m home today.
maybe there’s a certain pattern or circumstance when phoscyon acts like that, but if it is actually the case, then it’s definately a bug and not something the host would have to compensate by something called PDC, which is all about syncing audio processing units (effects).

Ok, thank you for helping.

When i said that there is a delay of one pattern line, it’s because i have to bring all the other notes one pattern line further in order to have the feeling that the acid line is synched with the rest of the instruments.

Maybe it depends of the BPM of the song, or maybe i’ve done something wrong in the way i use this synth. I’ll send you a mail with an exemple song with such a delay if you don’t suceed to experience this problem.

as you already mentioned, phoscyon offers two different modes of operation.

  1. INT. SEQ.
    in this mode you can trigger an internal pattern of phoscyon.

    in this mode you can trigger individual notes and sequence your own patterns within renoise.

i always used the PLAY LIVE mode and this works absolutely splendid.
using the INT. SEQ. mode to trigger phoscyon’s internal patterns, i experience exactly what you have described: the triggered sequence is one row behind the rest.
i’d presume that this is not renoise’s fault because i know it works with other VSTi offering the same way of triggering an internal sequence.

using the PLAY LIVE mode however, you should not encounter any problems.

One of my friends purchased Faderworks to correct latency issues. Since it’s a commercial product, it’s not really a general solution, but it allows grouping several tracks together, adjusting their latence all at once:

I’m pretty sure they can and do. For example, if you load a sample into Rapture it plays about 300 samples later than normal. Rendering Massive also results in a delay, as does using Shortcircuit.

Ok, thank you to confirm, I’ll try Play live mode but as far as I remember, we can’t use accent and slides in this mode, that’s why I work with the Internal sequencer mode.

I’ll try to find something to fix this weird delay and I’ll tell you if I do.

you can actually use both:
for slides, add an additional subtrack and play notes alternating on subtrack 1 and subtrack 2 without adding note-offs between them.
accents can simply be set by alternating the volume.

i guess that this can’t be worked around - it seems to be a bug in phoscyon, because as i said earlier, other VSTi offering an internal sequencer don’t exhibit such delay.

This sounds good ! I didn’t know we can program slides in this way. Next time i’ll use this mode for sure.


this was an interesting read,thanx
but i still hope that renoise will support plug-in delay compensation in the very near future