Manual Step Edit Keyjazz?

I was just wondering if there was an easier way to have renoise configured so when you want to punch in chords in the manual step edit mode you won’t have to hold down the left shift key at the same time. At the moment I use a bent hairpin to wedge between the shift key and the tiny space next to the keyboard casing in order to hold the shift key down temporarily. I know that in realtime mode I don’t have to hold the shift key, but I program everything in step mode, because I don’t hook up any midi keyboards.

What would be more simple solution?

Not that I´m a developer, but
I can’t come up with a more simple solution right now?

Add all notes to the same line, then advance lines according to editstep when all keys are released.

In an ideal world that would be great! But some keys on a computer keyboard cannot be pressed down at the same time so I´m not sure that would work…

You’re right, but that’s a problem today too. I don’t see how my solution would make the problem any different.

Which brings us back to this thread
I’m still not sure it’s a hardware only problem. Dopefish said he had no problems pressing many keys though.

Splajn: did you buy a full n-key rollover keyboard?

Anyway, it would be nice if step edit with MIDI keyboard worked this way, and a normal keyboard as good as hard/software limitations lets it.

No I didn’t, not yet…

you could also try what my friend and i used to do about 10 years ago when we had dialup internet access and our local access point was busy… we would put a C or D sized battery on the enter key to hold it down so it would continuously dial until we connected… i think a C would probably fit down on your shift :) be a lot easier than a hairpin probably