Manually Adjusting Cc Channels

Hey Y’all,

I’ve just been playing with a pretty cool iPhone app:

The mutlitouch XY interface is pretty fun to use, but it seems to send the X and Y MIDI CC messages simultaneously for every touch it receives, where Y is sent before X regardless if Y has changed or not.
This makes it impossible to map the X value to anything, using the learn mode.

If there’s a way to do this or a suitable workaround I’d love to know ;) (Using 2.7.2)


the link if anyone would like it…d413224747?mt=8
looks like a cool alternative/companion to touchosc.

so how have you got it sending midi? are you on a mac?

Yeah on osx 10.6

what are you using to translate osc to midi?

Control sends midi messages via the network. Osx is picks up the midi simply by adding a network device in the audio/midi preference pane. Afaik there is no osc involved?

I’d like to know if renoise has the feature to let me manually configure the midi channels when defining mappings, or if there’s a tool or something that can adjust the channels. I have considered using a different device to create the mappings, or using intermediary software to isolate channnels, but would ideally like a renoise solution.