Manually Enter CC# When Midi Mapping

So I initially was going to post for help with something complicated I wanted to do with my midi controller that only has 8 knobs.

Buuuut, I found out about TouchOSC and I spent a whole day making a custom controller for like, half of the parameters on the Oatmeal VST (which is a lot of parameters for those who don’t know). This actually proved to be much easier/more practical than solving my initial problem.

So my current problem now lies in that I’m having serious difficulty mapping the X/Y Pad controls. When I try to Midi Map the Instrument Automation effect for an X/Y Pad controller on Touch OSC, it mostly maps the horizontal control. It “blinks” the vertical control’s CC#, and I can even get it to map it with enough patience, but when I try to map the horizontal control, it immediately erases the vertical control’s CC#.

So I was hoping I could somehow just manually enter the CC# in the Midi Mapping window. Is there any way to do this?

Here’s a screenshot for fun:

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5399 renoise issue.jpg

Yes, there is a way to manually specify the CC numbers.

Once you have MIDI mapped the parameter, you can copy the whole DSP to the clipboard (right-click, Device Chain > Copy) and paste the XML into a text editor of some kind.

Then look for this part:

        <ControllerMode>Absolute 7 bit</ControllerMode>

Edit both theCCNumberOrNote of the X and Y axis, then copy the entire text back to the clipboard.

Now you should be able to paste the DSP chain containing the new mappings for Renoise…

MIDI mappings are saved in the Device Chain? That’s cool to know :smiley:

(I always assumed they existed in some sort of global MIDI map data structure)