Manually enter MIDI CC number?

Is there a way to manually enter the CC number when setting MIDI controls in Renoise (i.e, not using the “Learn Mode”)? I am sending MIDI out from TidalCycles to Renoise so whenever I try to use Learn Mode it just picks up the MIDI notes/other CC values. My current solution is to add a bunch of Hydras with the correct MIDI CC controls, and then save that as the Template. It works but its pretty gross and not very easy to edit live.

If there is no way atm, would it be possible to make a tool to do it? I know a bit of Lua but have yet to try it in Renoise.

Update: found out that you can control a to n of stuff using OSC, so I’ve written a lua script to deal with the information coming in from TidalCycles.


That sounds really interesting. Can you elaborate on how you did that?

Sending CC from Renoise using the pattern editor:

To send a CC command, you use values in the instrument, pan, and FAR RIGHT fx columns

  Note Inst Pan FxCol
   --- 01   M0  07 7F      (set instr. #1 CC number #7 to maximum, 0x7F in hex)

DO NOT USE THE PER-NOTE FX COLUMN. It must be an fx colum for the line.

(This was copied from my personal little Renoise help file)

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One way to handle custom incoming OSC is to copy GlobalOscActions.lua from the Renoise installation over to where your Renoise user-data stuff is stored

For example, on my Windows machine, I copied from

C:\Program Files\Renoise 3.2.1\Resources\Scripts\GlobalOscActions.lua



You can then edit this copy to include custom OSC handlers.

(The reason to copy is so that it does not get boinked when you upgrade Renoise)


Hi there. Could you share the Lua script you’ve written? I’m also trying to use Tidal with Renoise.

Was there something in particular you wanted to see?

It occurred to me that stopped using GlobalOscActions and started writing task-specific tools that hosted their own OSC server (and would pass-thru any messages they couldn’t handle on to the default Renoise OSC server).

My tools code is here:

I actually quoted the wrong person lol. But it seems like OP is not even active in the forums anymore. I’ll take a look at your Git, though. I have never coded in LUA but it doesn’t look complicated.

What I’m trying to do is modulate parameters using Tidal (ex: a filter cutoff inside an Analogue Filter in Track 05) without having to using MIDI learn (as it’s kinda inconvenient to do in a live context). But it seems like OSC will be a better option…

The note sequencing part can easily be done through MIDI, as we can assign instruments to specific tracks and then just hit record to store notes coming from Tidal. My only problem is with modulations.