Map A Midi Controller To Multiple Destinations

Today I realized that it is not possible to assign a single midi controller to multiple destinations (neither in the GUI nor manually in the Song.xml file).

It would be really nice if Renoise allows such multi-assignments so that things like crossfading are possible by assigning a controller to two faders with one inversed.

this must be some kind of renoise architecture limitation. otherwise i think the developer would have implemented this already. i would like this very much also.

I did this once, it can kindof work I suppose. Wrap a rubber band around two knobs -like a bike chain- and assign them to each track vol. :D
I’m sorry, but it works.

Ha, nice one MacGyver <_<

It’s not that difficult to write a Python script or a little Puredata patch for sending two MIDI CC events for a single incoming MIDI CC event.

I am just curious why assigning a Midi CC to multiple destinations is not allowed in Renoise. Is this really an architecture limitation as hcv242 wrote or a feature (maybe to prevent users from misconfiguring their Midi mapping)?

It is not a limitation, it is an extended possibility that has not yet been implemented.
You should never assume that if a few applications support this, that this kind of technique would also be a standard. Renoise applies the standard, it does not yet extend on it.

This option has not been implemented, most likely not because of architecture limitation but priority-wise: Other features are much more important.

you could do this with max/msp.

sorry, i find myself saying this about everything nowadays, and its probably unhelpful for anyone who doesnt have it

/friend “dude… how can i jumpstart my car? I ran the batteries down when I left the lights on last night!”

/me “create a metro 500 object with a loadbang connected and attach a bang object from the metro. then send the bang to an external device which triggers revs on the doner car. now with the jumper leads attached between the batteries of the two cars, send another bang with a 500 ms delay to the ignition of the first car. now watch in awe as your max msp patch jumpstarts your car for you. you could also put a wireless webcam in your car and have that send video data to jitter. now you can create a max/msp patch which drives your car for you”

Yep, that’s exactly what I do. I just use other tools.

is it reasonable to expect renoise to do everything though…?

There is nothing wrong with suggesting it.
It just takes a while before it gets added. The feature type itself is pretty small and usually :small features are added when Taktik has some spare time on his hand after the major improvements are done.
Also the feature should not jepardize the current workflow or improvements.
That is also another reason why some features are postponed:They are really great ideas but a hell to implement in the current architecture.

on reflection, it would be really useful actually