Map Midi Input To Keyboard Strokes


I’m considering buying a MIDI controller with some knobs & sliders on it.
What I’d like to know is, is it possible to map aforementioned knobs&sliders to keyboard strokes?
I’d like to be able to use the same controller for various programs (say, photoshop or whatever).
Is there a special controller that supports this (apart from this), or better yet, a software that can map MIDI to keypresses? The latter would be ideal, cause then I could pick any MIDI device I like.

Thanks in advance!

hello. I’m a renoise newbie so i don’t know about any options within renoise.

but it really seems like you are looking for bomes midi translator.

there are two versions, a classic which is free and a pro which more than renoise, check the website for actual price.

the classic will do “Outgoing Action: keystroke emulation” which is what you are looking for.

best of luck and if you need any help ask me or join the bomes forums, they are super helpful over there too, with florian (creator) dropping in to answer questions.

this will work with alot of different programs and any midi device.

best of luck.

Bomes work for windows applications that uses the common dialogs but not for applications that use DirectX / Direct Input (which Renoise does)


I also found GlovePie, which is free and apparently supports lots of stuff.

I’ll report when I have tested both!