Map Sample Loop Mode To Midi Cc Or Note?

Hey all,

Any idea if it is possible to map sample loop mode to MIDI cc or note? CTRL+M doesn’t show the drop down (up!) box in yellow so I’m assuming not…but maybe there is something else I’m missing, ie it can be done elsewhere in realtime.


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Hi, it is possible to do it. I’ve created a script that offers shortcuts for changing the Loop Mode.
It’s trivial to do this for Midi. Are you looking for Selected Sample, or all Samples in the Instrument?

it occurs that there could be a knob that cycles through off, Forward, Reverse, PingPong (0…127), and a button that steps through the same list, and buttons that set the selected_sample to one of all of those. It’d be fairly easy to knock this together. Do let me know the specifics.

I’ll do for Selected_Sample first.

ok, now i have the four toggles (“hold down to loop, release to loop=Off”), four "on"s (“press to set loop, release does nothing”) and a knob that has 0 = no loop, and 127 = pingpong, and 1…63 = forward and 64…126 = backward.

for selected sample. any thoughts on what else should be added?
Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 10.31.30