Mappable program change buttons in plugins panel?

It would be useful when auditioning the presets that come with VSTi to be able to just press up/down buttons on the keyboard controller to scroll through the whole bank of presets one by one, trying them out a bit and moving on, without having to reach for the mouse

Your controller isn’t capable of sending program change events?

This is usually how you would do it - everything else is a bit of a detour :wink:

I could roll you an xRule that would allow any message to become a program change, but …

check if your controller actually can do it before you go down that route

I’m having some trouble my novation launchkey25…

In the manual it says:

Press the two TRACK buttons simultaneously;

the LED display will flash, indicating the current MIDI channel

Use the TRACK buttons, select the desired channel number.

When I do this it doesn’t change the midi channel in the Midi part of renoise.

I can get control change messages out from the track buttons (cc102 [values: 127, 0] , cc103 [values: 127, 0]), but after I press the two track buttons simultaneously until the LED display flashes, then change up or down, renoise doesn’t seem to be recieving anything.

It sounds like that combination of buttons is intended for changing the MIDI channel, not sending program change messages.

I took a quick look at the Novation forum, and it seems that program change messages are not supported:

Which means, you probably want to convert CC messages (or whatever those buttons are sending) using xRules or some third party MIDI tool.

If you don’t know precisely what the unit is sending, you can always check the MIDI console in Renoise.

Thanks. I will check out xRules