Mapping Macros dynamically

Hey all,

I’m pretty new to Renoise, and am loving it so far. I have one thing I’m having trouble figuring out, though.

I use a Roland Apro controller keyboard, which lets me easily change the channel of the keys, but not the knobs and faders (it’s possible, just cumbersome). I’m having trouble figuring out the right way to control the macros for each individual instrument from my keyboard as I’m playing. If I MIDI learn the Macros, then they are “always on”, but I only want to be controlling whatever instrument I’m playing at that moment, and leave the others unchanged. If I use a button on my keyboard to select the instrument I want to be playing, I want the same knob to now control the macros for_that_ instrument, instead of the one that was previously selected.

I thought maybe xRules might let me do it, but it’s not built in. I’d have to code that myself, unless I’m missing something obvious.

Any thoughts/ideas?

Thanks for your help,


Ah! I figured something out.

By using mapping buttons to select each track, and then using the “Track DSP” mapping and the “Instrument Macro” (one per track, each assigned to a different instrument), I’m able to get the best of both worlds - I can just change my midi channels of my keyboard to play the different instruments, but I can select and record automation for the other instruments completely independently.

Renoise is pretty awesome!