Mapping Midi Cc'S To Instrument Parameters

I would like a way to map midi CC’s to parameters in the sampler. Now this is something that is fairly obvious as an idea but could be difficult to implement. I’m sure it is already somewhere on the todo list for the sampler revamp so I don’t expect it in 2.7.

This would be my proposal (sorry for my MS Paint skills!):

Add an additional ‘tab’ at the bottom of the instrument pane for automation mappings.

Then a simple table could be used to map a midi CC to different parameters. The table would use the midi CC as the ‘index’, which is why the table starts at 01 and not 00. Multiple entries for the same midi CC would be possible but would have the same ‘index’ in the table but a different destination description.

Each mapping would then have something like the suggested parameters (which midi CC, midi CC range start and end, destination parameter and destination start and end).

The specifying of ranges would allow some very cool effects. For example, the full range of the mod wheel could open the filter, but near the top of the range it could also add a bit of vibrato to the pitch (like it’s being pushed just a little too much).

Of course, when each sample keygroup has it’s own DSP chain built into the instrument these could also be specified as destinations. ;)

Anyway, thoughts?

this is planned but not for 2.7