Mapping midi controller knobs to VSTs

Ive bought my first keyboard, an Arturia Analog Lab with lots of knobs.

If i understand correctly i can controll a VSTs parameters with it by using the track effect Instrument Automatation and mapping it to the VST. Then i can use the visual Midi Mapping button to map the Instrument Automatation effect to the Analog Labs controller knobs. Is this correct?

My problem is,I can see that the controller on my midi keyboard is mapped but every time i turn it it returns the value to the center. If i manually put it to -20 it will instantly return to 0 when i turn the knob. If i continue to turn the knob the value flickers around 0-3 but never goes further. Can someone confirm that this should not happen? Maybe my keyboard is bad?

it seems you didnt follow my advice about the keyboards tiny size :C

the problem you explained is in the settings of the minilab software - the knobs can be set in 3 modes if i remember correctly

Sounds like renoise is conf’ed to accept absolute values from your controllers, while the controllers send relative mode messages.

Renoise has several relative modes to work with, can be configured in the drop-down thingie most probably telling you “absolute mode 7bit” in the midi mapping dialogue. If non of them work, you can try configuring the “knob mode” (arturia keylab?) on your keyboard to something else (absolute for example).

i have the same controller, i think you need to switch to the other mode : shift+pad1