Mapping Mmc Messages From An External Midi Controller To Arbitrary Ui

I’ve been sampling the demo version of Renoise v1.5, which appears to have a fairly extensive and flexible keyboard shortcut remapping functionality (in the Configs menu, under the Keyboard/Mouse tab.)

My question: Besides only using the keys on a computer keyboard, is it possible to designate MIDI messages (sent from an external MIDI controller) as additional “keyboard shortcuts” for these functions? (I’m thinking of PlayPattern, StopSong, ToggleEditMode, or any of the other functions listed under the Keyboard/Mouse tab.)

I know that it is possible to map MIDI controller messages to VSTi or effect sliders, and I’ve read several discussions on this board about that topic, but I’m not interested in sliders only. I’m interested in controlling basic Renoise user interface and editing functionality, such as pressing a “PLAY” button on an external MIDI controller and getting Renoise to start playing a pattern, or pressing a “FAST FORWARD” button on an external MIDI controller and getting Renoise to change to the next pattern.

In particular, I’m interested in whether it is possible to assign MMC (MIDI Machine Control) messages (received from an external MIDI controller) to Renoise UI functions. For example, the 49-key and 61-key M-Audio Axiom keyboard controllers have a set of “transport buttons”: PLAY, STOP, FAST FORWARD, etc. – not unlike the tape transport buttons on a VCR – which can be set to send the corresponding MMC messages. Here’s a picture of them, and here’s an excerpt from the user manual.

On the other hand, it would be great if one could, for instace, scroll up and down the pattern (NextRow, PreviousRow) – or left and right (NextColumn, PreviousColumn), changing from track to track – using a rotary encoder that has been designated as a “keyboard shortcut” for these functions. These are just examples. Surely lots of other kind of interesting assignments for pattern editing could be devised as well, depending on the complexity of the controller and the number of available buttons, sliders, rotary encoders and other gadgets.

If these kind of arbitrary external MIDI controller “keyboard shortcut” assignments are not possible today, would they be considered for inclusion in future versions of Renoise?

I have Play, Stop, and Record working on my MPK25 and APC40 if that helps.


That post is from 2006 and a few versions ago, much has changed since then!

Yes you’re right on this one.
I’m closing this topic.
Please refer to the current Renoise version. 2.6