Mapping phrases to keys

Hello people, I was wondering if there is an easy way to map an instrument phrases to the keyboard notes automatically, without having to drag and drop and resize the region for each one.

Thank you

If you want to trigger a different Phrase by playing a particular Note, you are going to need to be in Keymap Mode and do as you describe. Only way I am aware of. This is no different than triggering a specific sample on a specific Note or range of Notes. You need to tell Renoise which Note or Notes you would like to trigger the Phrase.

If you are looking to Trigger a particular Phrase over the entire range of Notes on the Keyboard and simply change the Phrase being triggered, you would want to be in Program Mode. You can then use a Macro Device or MIDI Program Change event to change which Phrase is being triggered.

It would be cool to have something analog to “drumkit” button with phrases, with automatic assignment of phrases to notes.

Is it possible to let the phrase play thru when i not longer press the key?

Hit escape to go to record mode go to a track and put one note in the first line

I am guessing he means when playing from a midi keyboard.

Phrases should really have volume NNA/ADSR, but unfortunately I don’t think they do.

Yes, i mean for live playing. I can put phrases to different keys. So it would be great for example to tap on a midi pad to play a phrase (in loop) as long as i tap on another key

Dont know if it works with Renoise 3.2 but here is a tool maybe it can help you for live performance