mapping sample effects to midi

I would like to use some effect commands like V77, say, as midi messages. This would be less cryptic than Zxxx and pan-based midi messages or any other mechanism I might have stumbled across in cases where the familiar sample based commands are what I’m wanting to instruct my vsti to do.

I know the same sampler commands can have values with ranges or characters that make no sense to midi. In this case I’d be happy if it could be configured to transform into TWO controller messages, each one with the ascii value of the parameter column as the message parameter. I understand I sound insane, but I’m making my own vsti and can cope. I dont expect anyone to take this very seriously.

Could do one better/crazier and have every single character of the effect column go as a separate command (4 midi messages per effect column)

I know this vibrato example contradicts my last feature request. Different scenarios for me…

If you’re planning to control a VST plugin, and want to do more than just toggle things on and off, I would avoid using MIDI to automate it.

Doing this, you’re limiting yourself to 7-bit resolution. You will get much better/precise results by using “proper” VST automation.

Or do you absolutely want the values to be expressed somewhere in the pattern itself?

I absolutely want to do it in the pattern. That’s the way I’ve been doing things for eons. I don’t like clicking around on automations. I know I need to learn that workflow, but I have a lot of other stuff to do also.

I don’t think I need more precise results. Whatever’s good enough for renoise samples should be good enough for my vsti. My task here is exporting music for realtime playback on game consoles. For me, the state of the art is already midi. I’m just trying to do it through renoise instead of cubase–because I like doing things in patterns!

Of course I’d be as well glad to map sample commands to VST automations in much the same way as I outlined. I’ll take what I can get. But that means I need to evaluate the automations when I export from renoise, which is a bigger hassle than sample commands. I’m happy exporting f32 automation parameters though, that would be kind of fun.