Mapping velocity based samples

Right now there is no easy way to map a set of samples to a single note and distribute them in the “velocity dimension”. You can layer them, create drum sets, distribute them throughout the keyboard but there is no option to them distribute velocity wise.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to select a set of samples (in the sample browser) and drag or somehow assign the selection to single note. The order of selection should define the assigned range of the velocity for each sample. I know drag and drop is already possible and the y direction defines the note spread while dragging. How about using the note name area as “drop selection as velocity layers”?

This feature is missing in Renoise and Redux but for me Redux would be more important.


Agreed. There’s at least one other post proposing this, I feel that it’s an obvious feature which really should be present already.

How about using the note name area as “drop selection as velocity layers”?

Not sure I would like if the note name was confining me to this kind of “velocity spread” mappings.

But I would be perfectly happy if holding a modifier while dragging samples over the key-zone did this :slight_smile:

Oh, and picked up the order by interpreting the sample names, somehow.

2021 any update on this ? in the same place. keymaps vel maps are slowing the workflow for sound design considerably , copy paste a velocity map spread - or simply the option to map all full key range to velocity in the side order they are in . .

I would be happy with holding a modifier as well :slight_smile:

My workaround for this:

  • Number sequnce all the samples (done quite quickly with a shell script)
  • Drag in all samples in a velocity range
  • Select all and set the velocity (that way, I’ll have a keyzone section not overlapping for easy selection of next velocity)
  • Repeat for remaining velocities

It’s tideous. But, the easiest way I’ve found, so far.

I’d love it if Renoise recognised keyzones and velocities from filenames. That woud have solved everything for me. like Fairlight Vocal_0x2A_A-3.wav would automatically distrubute at A-3 on velocity 2A down to whatever the next velocity value among the files. Just like it’s distributed when you render an instrument.

Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll give it a try.
I wouldn’t mind implementing this as extensions. Hence, I took a look at the Renoise Tools API but it seems to be lacking two crucial items that would be required to implement this:

  • get all selected samples from instrument window (the current API does not support multiple selections) or
  • get all selected items/samples in disk browser (this API is missing completely)

With that, I would know how to implement the feature. Maybe even with interpreting the sample names somehow. Hey Renoise Devs: any hope for these APIs? :wink:

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Is this possible yet??