Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People ( Avalanche Remix )

Hi Renoisers !

This is the first track where I really cared about the “construction”, and I think it’ s way better than my other tracks even if it wasn’t very hard to do so !
I will add some drums, better transitions, and will “”“masterize”"" it but I think that’ s all.

Made with Renoise, plugs and Logic’s instruments ! Please tell me what you think even if you think it’ s rubbish

this is very weird, but i like weird like this… so yeah win/win replay ;]

when I was younger and only into dance music I thought he shouted “the beautiful meatball” :)
I really digged MM in the Mechanical Animals era, then I backtracked in his discog, and heard this songs many times.

you really changed the way the energy hits you in this remix in a very clever way.
It seems to get dull but then the nice placed stab comes in at 1.38 WARNING! WARNING! together with the lush pad in the background, very nice.
Reminds me of the Super Metroid escape music somehow.
the gritty sound at 2,45 very nice, but I can’t really enjoy it when the kick comes in.
but probably that is just me not liking these ducking effects very often.

Wow you’re the first ones who liked it ! That’ s cool :)

@flight : This is not my weirdest track, but I don’t want to pollute the song forum so I won’t post these… But I can send them to you when I’ll have a decent connection !

@Dr. Drips : The Mechanical Animals is my favorite era ! If the Columbine tragedy didn’t happen I’m sure he would have become a lot more popular :) and I’m glad you liked the “spirit” of the track, at first I wanted to make something very joyous for the fun, but I didn’ t managed to so it became this thing. I agree with you for the ducking effect I have overdone it ( thanks to the signal follower ! ! ), I will change this if I touch this song again.

And thanks for your comments, I know it’s hard to listen, my next song will be a lot more pop I think ! At last, Technically speaking, could you please tell me what you think about it please ? Thanks again !

and vive Renoise :drummer: ! ! !

@ avalance : I did follow him till GOAG. I think the sucking after that all made him less popular.
and yes, reduce the ducking :) but I like your style in this, maybe Cryptorchid is something to consider next time.

Really like the glassy filtered arp sound, was thinking the first minutes maybe it can have more bass, or if u feel like it more funky bassline…Like that electro bit after the breakdown…It’s because i think the higher freqs have much energy, then with the slow bass it feels that it could be more full sound…

But i like the song(mix), the vocals fit well…Nice work

Done ! I updated and “”“masterised” the track, as it will be the last version. Thanks for your comments, I have also put the music the music on Youtube so it will have 1 000 000 views.

( I’m not a nazi by the way, just found the picture funny :) )