Mario Paint Compo

I know this is a forum about Renoise, but since we all will be soon sitting whole days, testing the Alpha, it will be nice to get a break from time to time. Why not having a break with Mario?

Thanks to Dimlight Alley Crew you can compete one of the funniest compos ever :)

Mario Paint is a small program for children released in 1992 for SNES. Besides being a graphic program it also featured a little music production tool. The key of this compo is to make the best possible out of this tool.

You’ll need a SNES or an emulator. It can be found on

Rules / How to Enter:

  1. Make a song(s) using only Mario Paint. Maximum 2 entries!
  2. Make a song cover using Mario Paint! (optional, see Prizes)
  3. Apply no post production effects (reverb, etc)
  4. Record your song to a MP3, maximum bitrate 160. Use ID3 Tags!
  5. E-Mail your song(s) ( or link to it ) to
    (include your name, song title, email address, and cover image in the email)
  6. Deadline is August 31 , so don’t be late!

Judging will be performed by Dimlight Alley Crew. Further details coming later.

Winner will recieve the Mario Paint Music Compo T-shirt ( pictured to right ).
On the back will be a large print of your song cover, so make it good!


hehe… better make something yourself :P