"mark Whole Column" Command

Is there a command to mark an entire column? There seems to be for a whole track, but I can’t find one for marking just a column. There are commands for marking sections of a column but what about the entire column?

On the right side of the pattern editor there’s a panel (or a button to open it), on the top you select how you want the selection to take place, and then everything below this section on the panel edits according to the rules that you specified. This includes copy, paste, expand, interpolate, transpose. The only problem is that it doesn’t highlight, so you have to kind of remember what it’s set to.

Thanks. I haven’t used this much. Is there any way to accomplish the same thing using only key commands?

I just discovered the Ctrl-Shift-F3 function to clear the column, which is the main reason I wanted this - to redo live recordings of effect commands.

I don’t know if any of them have key commands. I’m sure some might, but don’t quote me on that.

If you open the preferences in Renoise, then go to Keys, select Pattern Editor from the dropdown menu, now enter “mark” into the search field. This will reveal all shortcuts related to marking/selecting portions of the pattern.

This reveals that Shift + Alt + Z marks the column below the current cursor position, while Shift + Alt + A marks the column above the cursor position. Strangely, there does not appear to be a shortcut for marking the whole column to compliment the other shortcuts such as: mark whole track, mark whole pattern.

Looks like you’ll first have to move to the top of the pattern, move into the column you want to work with, then hit Left Shift + Left Alt + Z.

I got used to do this with: POS1 / CTRL+B / END / CTRL+E

This also allows one to copy two columns if needed quite easy.

Home / Shift + Alt + Z / Ctrl + X
This is how i do it.


Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve found the mark above/below commands and use them. I’d still like to have a “mark whole column” command so I wouldn’t have to move the cursor or turn off scroll lock to select the whole column. Maybe I’ll suggest it on the ideas forum.

Wow wow wee wow, those commands are good to know. :)