Mars Lock O Venus - Revenge :)


my new track is bit different form first atempt, i hope youll like it just a bit…if you like DnB music

enjoy :walkman:

Hi! I really liked the overall of this tune!
The construction, melodies and instruments are fantastic, it really tells a story from the beginning to the end :)

A few things,
IMO the vocals are mixed a bit loud… But this is matter of taste.
One thing that disappointed me, is the sonic complexity of the mix… Dunno how to say this but it seems like sometimes the bassline fades behind as if there were too many sounds on top… Maybe too much of reverb/delays?

Anyway, it’s a really well made track!

Thank you!!!

All try to get some from your advices…i apreciate.

Nice tune! Reminds me a lot of the stuff me and my mate used to produce over 15 years ago, but this is much, much better quality :)

I like the melodies and sounds you use in particular, there’s a real nice trancey vibe which is something I always like in d&b.
Like NTX says, there’s a little too much reverb on the sound you use in the intro. It sounds fine at the beginning, but perhaps bring it down when the breaks come in, just so some of the other sounds don’t have to contend with each other.
Good use of vocal samples too, I also think they’re a little loud, but it’s always good to hear what they’re saying easily in my opinion!

If you could lend an ear to my track, (it’s d&b as well, just a bit harder / techy) it’d be appreciated :)