Martblek Renoise Tools on Gumroad

Figured I’d share the page - great stuff here!


I spy with my little eyes a granulator :open_mouth: . Has anyone used this yet by any chance?

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Yes - it’s a rudimentary granulator/glitcher and it is not real-time. It takes a sample you put into it and re-processes it using various granular envelopes and methods. It’s very atypical and excels at creating more glitch-like events. I posted @martblek 's video of it earlier in this forum. You’ll get a good sense of what it does. I messed with it and it creates some blurry/choppy almost CDP-type effects. Even gets into more of an MP3 compression sort of effect with the “Welch” envelope type. Very weird stuff.

Take an Almost Drums NG Tool, then place it in the “Glitcher” mode. Make a glitch sample. Then run it through Grainz. Pretty cool stuff comes out.


@martblek is there a demo version of grainz?

If you can wait until the middle of the week I will check it out and make a demo. anything you would like to see?

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Thanks but I mean like a demo version to test. Try before you buy :upside_down_face:


ah, dont drink and post like me then. I have been meaning to try some of these out anyway so I will try to do a demo anyway and everyone will have demo through my eyes.


Maybe not my finest work, but I told myself I would make a video on them. I was just exploring sounds and clicking random stuff. Even just clicking random sounds, I found all three tools I tried to be inspiring and I could have stopped at almost any point to use them in a song. Overall, I think they’re definitely worth the small price.


I see that I neglected to give a more detailed condition if an already-sliced sample is selected (in 13:40). Unfortunately, I did not think that someone would use granulation while running when the selected sample changes according to the pattern :slight_smile:
I will try to fix it in the next update.

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