Maschine Jam Meters (works, but…)


AFAIK, there’s no vu-meter support in duplex, right ?

But, here’s how I made it work in Maschine Jam :

I’ve simply put a signal follower on each track, triggering a Instrument midi control.

In the NI controler editor I set “LED On” “For Midi In”. And voila.

It’s easily made. You can store it as a template and get away with it.


Is there a more elegant way ?

Is there a more elegant way ?

Not really. Using the API, one would still need to add signal followers to “listen” to the signal.
So any tool that offered this functionality would need to somehow manage those signal follower devices … not pretty. I think your workaround is actually a better solution :slight_smile:

It works without that as as well, just make a new template and change the notes to program change, colors change, it works.