Masonic & Freemasonic Teachings & Knowledge

On topic of recent posts eye had the idea of starting a single #thread regarding masonic & freemasonic teachings & knowledge.

So feel #free to contribute with some useful & legit information here; lets try to keep this positive & helpful too,

just keep it somehow related & dont drift into some #nwo #illuminati weirdo #conspiracies or #theories. :ph34r:

Let me start with this well known Rosicrucian Master, considered by many freemasons as their greatest Teacher & Lecturer.

“… ignorance is nothing more than the individual (in-divide-dual) thinking he/she can get away with breaking the rules without causing suffering…” -Manly Palmer Hall

Useful and legit info , showing a video about atlantis …LOL

Ask ur friends about Manly P.Hall & who he was; before posting ur #profane nonsense again, as u have already proven more than once, what a fool u r on this topic. #smh :rolleyes:

Well at least that #brother didnt post sum blatant #wikipedia - link this time…now right back on topic , with this one:

Is it 2005 again?

Nope, it is 5778 A.M. my Brother.

Is it 2005 again?

i like of the old stuff the modular construction of the middle pillar (the original is too old-fashioned for mei)

it can be very simple two-dimensional with some circles

or as a megalomaniacal 3-dimensional universe with everything the mind gives

theroetic view

A map is not the territory - Alfred Korzybski

Some free online Book - Resources on the #topic - A few Gems here 4 sure; I can suggest ‘New Atlantis by Sir Francis Bacon’ as a Good #read.

Ask ur friends about Manly P.Hall & who he was; before posting ur #profane nonsense again, as u have already proven more than once, what a fool u r on this topic. #smh :rolleyes:

If there is one person who makes a fool out of himself it gotta be you , but you’re not even aware of it .

The closest you will ever get to a freemacon is by staring at a you tube video , \o/

You need to get out more , and smoke less .

Don’t even bother replying , cause your on my ignore list …

If U address me directly & reading every single one of my posts…so much to ur #ignore list. lol

One last thing, before me also #blocks u again 4 ur blatant #profanity, which I am sure ur ‘freemacony’ friends are seeing similar.

It is FREEMACONRY (in Belgium) or Freemasonry , so U dont even know how to spell correctly here & not the first time, too.

Maybe this would be a Good Starting Point, since ur living in Belgium:

Furthermore u might want to ask urself one very last & important thing; if, like u r claiming 2B the offspring of a freemaconry family &

Also, like u wrote; are surrounded by even more of them, being invited to some of their events & as U claiming here, already know

Almost EVERYTHING about Freemaconry , like they call it in Belgium :wink: Plus ur blatant & more than ignorant Babbling on open

I-Net Forums about ur vast Amount of Wisdom & Knowledge about this Topic…

Why the hell did they never ask U to join them, why havent u become a freemason urself by now… Maybe its because u have indeed

Being tested more than once, yet bitterly failed every single - time, As U have FAILED the Test Again this Time.

The reason u will never Become a Member of the #craft, is that u cannot keep ur Mouth shut when its better to Do so; or can u… B)

If there is one person who makes a fool out of himself it gotta be you , but you’re not even aware of it .

The closest you will ever get to a freemacon is by staring at a you tube video , \o/

You need to get out more , and smoke less .

Don’t even bother replying , cause your on my ignore list …

So lets continue, right Back on Topic…with sum more #Atlantis Lectures :rolleyes:

THE NEW ATLANTIS - FULL AudioBook by Sir Francis Bacon

Manly P. Hall - Francis Bacon - the New Atlantis

A few more Books (.pdf) by Manly P.Hallfor those who are interested in the Topic:

Manly P. Hall - The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins, by Manly P. Hall

The Lost Keys of Freemasonryby Manly P. Hall

More info @

NO I have not been invited to become a freemacon , I never said that …

I am well aware that I am not yet 'mature ’ enough as a person to join , no problem admitting that .

But I do know more about freemanconry father ( who died ) and all of my uncles are freemacons ., some nephews too…

I know about the rites , the workpieces they present , the degrees, .the guidance …the testament you have to write when you join , etc…regular/non regular lodges , de opperbouwmeester , etc…

And freemanconry in the good old USA is not really the same as in belgium , I’ll leave you in your bubble for now …go watch some you tube and pretend your involved .

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A dentist from1656 times travels into my mouth. Finally, the dental treatment I’ve been seeking all my life.Ancient knowledge is the best knowledge I say. A time travelling doctor then proceeds to bloodlet me for good measure:

Interesting topic, bookmarked "The Secret Teachings of All Ages - An Encyclopedia Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolic Philosophy" for later reading, but things changed for the better,occult fascination is kind of boring overall, and that book cost $150,000 to make which is equivalent to $2.087 million today. At least Church of the the SubGenius is more open aboututterly shameless money-grubbing antics?

Is this about real philosophy, or is it just about propaganda? Not watched the vids other than the bits from BBC, was not bored enough for so much phantasy… Hey I like walls of text, maybe someone here likes to read a lot paranoid bullshit, so here it goes:

I am no mason, I think the wigs and symbols and rules and secrets are a very strange game, I would never try to play with them, I already refused such games when I was a kid, just not my thing. Their secret better be a very good one, for the world not to shrug or laugh about them should it be revealed one day… Also I am unwilling to watch through hours long talk videos about conspiracy theories, it is just waste of time, endless brainwash crap, I rather spend my time thinking myself, evaluating the propaganda in preferrably written, condensed form as of not to waste too much time with it learning about their latest tricks.

Also I am a big nutter, I am insane, I believe I don’t fear any harm and death, though in reality I do and am very sure that I would squeal like a pig and do anything just to stay alive and free from pain, should I ever be in situation for it to be takes to a proof. But being a believer, I believe I should openly utter what I am thinking if I think it’s right, so I do. If ever fascist pigs with a squealer army would not like my thoughts and let the pigs make me squeal and die, it would at least save me from being tempted to become a pig out of free will myself. It is like with those TV shows, I always turn the TV off in agony when the commercials ring in, just to do nothing and be in peace instead, missing the rest of the show with the smile on my face.

It is very spooky though nowadays, breath is getting damp in the current days on this planet…spooky, the internet seems to be big ass hijacked to a high degree by forces with semi-hidden big bad ass agenda…by people spreading wild, easy to believe theories in great verbosity, instead of proper reasoning…lots of shit and shittershit seems to come from the right wing direction, you will know by skipping through pages about a theory until you find a platform that openly shows connection to right wing movements, collecting lots of that shit…the shit targeting all of their potential enemies, they seem to targed any force that is against a certain pretty ruthless philosophy of organising humanity…that is another consideration to make, before getting lost as now even google will rather present those wild theories and obvious propaganda instead of valid information as top results for many search terms…like all those people tell you you are being fooled, yet who tells you, that THEY are not fooling YOU in turn with all that crap?

Very ironic though: a club who seems to have spokesmen telling the world that not all people are mature enough to know stuff…are being attacked by others who seem to use that immaturity of the people to agitate them against that club.

Maybe with the masons it is like…they are having hidden plans to rule the world (maybe they indeed spend a lot of time thinking about such stuff, but philosophy is not action in that regard and always valid imho). I do not believe so. I think if they really had such plans, they were more than openly having some secret secret, they would be more like a real secret service and not like the kind of wisdom cult they openly represent…I mean they started opening their temples and answering questions to the public years ago, as reaction to rising suspicion against them. You can look them up in the phone book, and call a temple for a chance to see the inside and getting stuff explained by a mason.

Think about it, their secret, it could be anything… I could dream for hours about what those people in their silly wigs and robes might do all the time… like it could as well be that they have no secret at all, other than, that certain humans tend to do anything to know a secret if they are told there is one, and they let those who are interested in theirs go through a path seperating conscious and benign from the profane, making those who pass grow more conscious as reward…or whatever stuff it might be. All the symbols and rituals stuff coupled with high intelligence they expose make little sense in context of anything, but a trick like this or another. I mean should it ever be made public, I expect the most refined riddle and answer to ever imagine as human, something like this. Being some very sophisticated trick, they of course have attrackted and only let in very “sophisticated” people (or those who wish to be), which might explain so many important politicians etc. among their rows. This, or they really want to raise atlantis?

But looking at how they are on the surface, and the ideas they represent in public… I think it is as well much more plausible, that these are people who understand what political forces do and why they do it, and what the consequences might be, and they have a hidden network of members with that trait, more or less present…the perfect enemy to any megalomaniac dictator who actually really wants to rule the world for good with half baked evil philosphy from the back of his head… Hitler also prosecuted them, and look what ruthless philosophy Hitler pursued to achieve his visions… so they must have been enemy to these philosophies or visions, else they would have been on his side and integrated into his system of binding people. There might have been other reasons, though…

@gentleclockdivider I would say it is of no use to get angry or upset on such topics, or getting personal about it. You are not going to heal the thing with it.

You can however most of the time easily discern the fools who are erring, from the people who try to systematically use ideas and language as weapons…as the fools might try to discuss their ideas, or err further, while those following plans to manipulate people, will never allow discussion on the same level, and will never pick up any valid arguments that you place in front of them, unless they already have a plan on how to react to that special argument in favour to being able to manipulate people even further into the desired direction with that reaction.

Oh boy, maybe this thread can expand my blocklist as much as the flat earth one.

preserve the blocks for similar stuff in threads, where it doesn’t belong…

I am actually reading up about real masonry currently. no theories, just what themselves and neutral people say. interesting philosophy. there seem little secrets about the whole thing left, other than the mind states they claim to cause by their process, and that they claim of they cannot be described in words. however, the eyes of all the older masons in docus seem a bit stiff as they think and talk. so there must be some kind of mental process/change active. this is normally a rare phenomenon I found. I’ve often seen this on people who’ve had strong heart attacks and survived, for example. or on old zen meditation masters.

funny chaps! seem so eager about virtutes and human civilisation, in general. little else to say about it. w.a. mozart made many songs with lyrics from fellow masons underlining their vision…I think those say more than any book about the whole thing.

ya well there is said to be so many “builders” of civilisation among them. and they strive for harmony, they say. then why on earth do they help building civilisation to grow on full throttle above any sane limits humanity and the planet could take, causing big suffering and pain and weaknesses and injustice? Maybe they had this vision in days, when the problems were little known about, what might be their stance on the topic nowadays?

Forget my rant, and forgive my ignorance so far.

I’ve looked at the first post, thus found I had totally misinterpreted the posted video/purpose to start the thread. Must also have been the derailing, that gave me wrong impression.

Actually the text here is what is read in bad voice? maybe someone who wants to think about this rather wants to read than to listen.

Here the text in aascii on

It actually seems to be a philosophical/mystical text/analysis - it is no good read if you tend to believe in conspiracy theories, or greatly dislike such topics. The idea of analysing old traded myths for matches to known or theoretical history of mankind, or philosophical ideas might be interesting for some people, though.

I mean for me it is like looking for possible interpretations in the bible, or any other old writing of such kind. Reading literally it seems like a record of magic (or rather: phantasy), however things might make some sense or two if you already know certain things from other sources (and not take them literally!).

Actually, this comes in dress of an interpretation, yet still being pseudomagical gibberish, it calls for an interpretation of the interpretation. What a twist.

I find it is an interesting and fun thing to do, but only for the old, spiritual, religious or mythical texts…you know back from days where no other stuff is traditioned…to get a glimpse into the minds of the people back then, and maybe have an assumption or two, of what they were about, yet taking things with more than one grain of salt.

Modern texts that are written in crypted/mythical form I find not interesting, as there are more than enough other sources to know what was going on during those days, and people wrote stuff probably not to keep some tradition alive, but for other fishy reasons, and usually went overboard - making it a waste of time to try to understand what might be inside without knowing the keys…

Were you referring to the masons, because the author was one, and in the text (and his profession as seems) he shows quite a bit of love for speculations about symbols and riddles and such, as such love seems to be a feature in masonic traditions?

P.S. you might misunderstand the text and the intention, if you know not about the author’s profession and other work, not at least a bit about what platon’s original text was about, if you don’t read the whole text, etc… it is not about atlantis cult, it is about history/philosophy of human religion/spirituality and possible elements of imaginary pre-historic societies…

Dear #gaotu please forgive Me 4 opening this thread.