Mass Save Intruments [also Posted In Help&suggestions]


I posted this request also in help&suggestions, because maybe there is a nice workaround.
But it is very likely a feature that isn’t there yet:

I have a whole list of VSTi, XM, WAV etc loaded into one XRNS file.
I try to save one, say one of the VSTi with it’s active preset (custom made).
Now i must type a filename and press save.
On to the next one, and 30 lines later im done, phew!

There must come an easy feature to multiselect the loaded intruments,
regardless of VSTi, WAV or XM format.
Then a press on ‘save’ sames all the instrument, and uses the instrument name as filename.
And in case of duplicate names, use timestamp or a random number as an extra.

Like Impulse Tracker, where you press CTRL+W (im not sure any more, long time ago), your instrument was saved in the active instrument dir, no typing names first or pressing buttons.
I liked this feature very much.

It would be very great to see it in Renoise :D

I agree, but why make a save instrument option in Renoise and use an external tool?
Why not optimise the existing feature? ;)

I hope it is not hard to code, i guess this is not too much work. :rolleyes:
I mean, in stead of saving one sample, just save them all in some dir.
And autogenerate the filename from the current instrumentlist.
That would be great!

Don’t get me wrong, i allready like the feature that i can open instruments from other songs.
But why not pushing the fun a little furter? :yeah:

Well, i just hope it is easy to code into Renoise itself, so it’s very accesable.

I will try to code such an app myself, but im affraid the usage will be so frustrated,
to switch from Renoise and back every time i must save more then one item.
Of course, i could try to code an app that rips all the XRNI’s out of there, but it’s just the CTRL+CLICK method
and an automatic generated filename that speeds up saving samples.

Nevertheless, i understand the workload of Taktik completely!