Massive Bass Bombs?

Its a technique used in metal music mainly. I made one by layering an 808 kick and a faded out sine wave. Quite a pathetic attempt if I’m honest, but I know I’m not far with the 808. Does anyone know of a method that would be done using effects of some kind, so as to not change the feel of the sub bass. Any method will do if I’m homnest. Youtube it if you’re unsure what I’m talking about. Did a search and this isn’t a duplicate (I hope). Thanks

Maybe You should give us some examples instead of letting us search for what you mean and then try to help you out with it? (and hope we got the thing you actually mean…)

Uh er …yeah. We are more than willing to help, but you need to do the dirty work and find us an exact example of what you talking about so we can help you!!

Now that you mention it…I am very curious as to what you are talking about. Cos I also am I big metal fan/player…and seem to have no clue that such a technique was used!! :walkman:

ps…also cos not many of us do metal here as this an electronic music based forum :rolleyes: …and as I said, I do and still still don’t know!! :lol:

If what I’m thinking is what you mean then you’re on the right path. 808 or 909 kick sounds with a long tail and distortion. like this?

That intro reminded me of current value.

take your 808 kick and a lofimat at 8bit or a lot distortion.

You don’t need to layer anything, just loop the end of the kick and add a volume envelope.

shouldn’t googling “how to make a gabber kick” do the trick here?

Basic distorted kick is just add renoise distortion device, but set the dry level high too, so it wouldn’t lose all of the bass. The real gabber kick is much more complex though.

FOR TODAY - Ezekiel (The Visionary)

There’s a bassbomb at the beginning 'An army approaches (Bass bomb)
Weirdly. Despite the fact it’s not the greatest… It is one of my favourites lol…

It was the top video and rather informative :) the beginning of the video mentions (via the form of visual text) how it is performed by the drummer, which I knew. How to produce one brilliantly is anorther matter, a lot of bass bombs are very amateur even in very popular bands.

This video nails it for those wanting to know what it is.

I checked out gabber kicks. I am too familiar with hardstyle music lol I used to be a very big fan of it. no thats not quite the kick I’m referring to. I did learn something new though :) so thanks. and actually I will be using those gabber kicks for quite another purpose. Might a gabber kick with a filter on do the trick?

Not like this. Although it is interesting.

Have we given up on this one lmao?

It just sounds like a heavily compressed layered kick to me. Maybe post on a few metal/drummer forums and see if anyone has a trigger pack with those kicks then fuck about with it from there.

I believe Suva is right on, just loop a sine wave part of a kick and have it fade out and maybe glide the pitch down slowly.

dont get it…

the warmth underneath of all this distortion comes from the amp, imo.
otherwise, sounds like a simple sine-sweep.


do you’ve listen to dubstep/dnb lately? there are real bass- bombs.

Yes I’m verty into both, but its a different kind of bassbomb. I actually want it to be in a dubstep song I’m doing, I just think it will work well.

Yeah good suggestion. I’ll be on it. I’ll let you all know how I do.

Sine wave, pitch down, some compression

For the un-googlers upon us: [andy sneep forum]


I read that whole thread, very useful video at the end. If you have any further tips thatd be brilliant, I’ll get onto doing it in a few days :)

To the prior tips, add reverb!

Some of those examples are using it. Not all, but my personal preference is for the ones that are.

Ideally, a big algorithmic hall reverb. Use the wet/dry mix or stick it on a send…you don’t want 100% wet, just wet enough to get some air around the sound and hear the after-effects of the “bomb” dropping. Mess around with the pre-delay to see what gives the best effect.

And stay away from convolution verb…for this, you want the tails of a good algo verb.

Mind explaining that? (Yes I’m sure it’s very obvious lol, but I am new ;))

If you’re really curious for more detail, Google it…it’s one of the perennial topics on forums like Gearslutz.

But my grossly oversimplified summary is:

Convolution excels at creating a natural sense of space.
It’s not so great at modulation, or natural-sounding decay. The reason is that too much of the behavior of the reverb is “baked in” to the IR sample.
It’s pure, but it’s static.

Algorithmic excels at the very things convolution doesn’t. It’s a less natural sense of space, but the behavior in the decay, and in modulations is more dynamic. Not necessarily “more real” but “more realistic” - i.e. the ear perceives it as being more musical.
So, less pure, but more dynamic.

Horses for courses.