Master Pitch Question

i write glitch at 400bpm and i cant work out how to use the master pitch controls f— up to 400 bmp, is the fastest it goes to 255bpm with f0ff.


you have two options:

  1. if you don’t change BPM value during the song, you can set the BPM value using the BPM editbox which is on the upper left corner of the application: it is not limited to 255.

  2. if you need to change BPM value during song, you can reduce the number of ticks per row (called “speed”) using command F1xx. If you are at speed 6 and BPM 200, you can obtain doubled BPM value by setting speed to 3 with F103. See also here for more about speed

yes i need to change the pitch in the middle of a song, and then return it to 400bpm.
nice one for the info, i’ll look into the ticks.