Master Volume Problem

I recently decided to fork out for a decent audio interface and purchased an M-Audio Delta 1010, but since installing it, I’ve noticed that when playing a module through Renoise the volume is quite a bit louder than the audio output of any other application. If I render to wave and play the wave back in media player the volume is ok. If I lower Renoise’s master volume by about 4db then it plays at roughly the same amplitude as all other audio software I use.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this is and how I could fix it? as I’m getting really annoyed with having to leave my seat to change the monitor volume on my mixer (which I don’t use for audio production, but do use to route the audio output from computer/dvd player/tv/etc to my monitors) when I switch from creating music to listening to music. Any tips on setting master volume would also be appreciated.